This is the Yamaha VIN decoder.


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U= 30".


. . You will have to use your own knowledge of your engine to select the appropriate year.

to see exactly which model you have.

X= 25". . Additionally, Yamaha bikes with a serial number beginning with “JB” indicate.

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In the past few years they’ve revised their model code designations. .

access the MODEL CODE REFERENCE PAGE 142 schematic find Yamaha MODEL CODE REFERENCE PAGE 142 spares easily OEM parts online available. How do I decode the serial number on a motorcycle?.

Apr 24, 2023 · For the uninitiated, Yamaha Motor USA model coding includes the product identifier, a letter for the model year, a “C” for any models meeting California’s emissions standards, and a color code.
H= Tiller Handle.
yamaha it range model codes.

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If you have a Yamaha engine that has been bought in from America or Europe direct the parts will still be the same but your model and year model code will be different.

The Yamaha MODEL CODE. Yamaha original motorcycle color codes and abbreviations. Additionally, Yamaha bikes with a serial number beginning with “JB” indicate.

. . Model Description. These codes are presented by product, as shown in the following. Example: a "E150EURA" would be an Enduro Series, 150 Horsepower, Manual Tilt, Electric Start, with a 30" Shaft, Remote Control, 2002 year model. If you are outside the USA we can only help.

1 model name code / / specified frame country 1 engine 1 color i le8-300101- le8-350101- cpy mxr w cb 1 ie8-400101- w ye cb mcm mrb csl w w ye csl cpy 11~3-iioioi- mcm mrb csl.

Initially Yamaha used letters from A to Z to mark the production year, but after the letters had run out they changed the system. Some older outboard models might not show the leading zeroes, but they must be included.

Yamaha Motorcycles Serial Prefix – Yamaha Model Codes 1970 - 1994 Every prefix from a Yamaha vehicle identification number (VIN number) refers to a model code.

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Yamaha uses a model coding system to signify different specifications of a motor.

YEC Serial Number Lookup.

The Yamaha MODEL CODE.