Features: Ear Replacement.


The ears have better textures than my original. .

Elezen Ears for Roe Females by Danjou.

Ears will match skin color.

Name/Icon Requirements Base attributes Bonuses Information Voice of the Just. Includes 5 Variations: ↳ default ears ↳ mgato ears ↳ glitch ears ↳ lace ears! ↳ tail only [miqo’te tail 03]. This mod replaces the Replica Sky Pirate's Mask of Striking with elf ears for midlanders (male and female both).


. They are unique, sure, but they dont quite hit the fantasy elf trope quite as well as they could, it could just be a different body-type for elezen with some other option, hyur body with elezen ears. It does not break reaper eyes.

So, Today here we are listing 8 of the best elf ears mods for you. .


You will need a scaleless body OR a body without neck scales.

A Face Mod by Danjou. Then we could have different/better horn options for.

Posted December 5, 2022. This mod is for you.

Jul 30, 2022 · Found under skin details>eye scars.


So, Today here we are listing 8 of the best elf ears mods for you.

— Do not use it in any commercial projects. ttmp2 from where you uncompressed the file, then. ↳ Note: If you want this set ported or mix-matched with other ear/tail sets, I can do so for a few Ko-Fi.

You can toggle the ears and the ear clasps in the aesthetician or glamourer. This is our compilation of Elf Ears mods for The Sims 4! The first mod is these stunning ears that are adorable enough to be slipped into our minds. This mod replaces the Copper Earrings and everything that shares a model with them with elf ears for highlander males. Elezen Ears for Roe Females by Danjou. this mod is incompatible with most/all ear and tail mods for viera. 2.


• 7 days ago. — It's a paid mod so if you want to share it you have to buy another.

No ears mod, WIP.

ears 3 only.

Be the adorable Elezen Bunny hybrid you've always desired to be with these cute downward facing ears that replace Viera Ear 3.


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